We made the news!

A good message seen on my last training ride:

Tomorrow I take off for Minneapolis to begin the Tour for Becky II-Climate Edition. Although I have not quite reached my goal of sequestering a ton of CO2 for each mile of the route, I am hopeful that I will get there very soon.  I am currently only about $1500 away.  Thanks to the many who have stood with me and committed to take action to confront the climate crisis by donations and declaring your personal climate commitments.  If you have not gotten around to it yet but have intended to support the effort, here is the direct link to do so now.  Remember, in addition to taking measurable action on this urgent issue, you will also be entered into a raffle with two chances to win oil paintings from Greta Bell (Gretabell.com).

Here is the feature that the local TV station did on the ride.  It is a nice piece although they did not really explain what the action part is or how to participate in it.


Important FYI- I will not continue to send out e-mails about the project except for maybe a few big milestones.  If you are interested in my daily short VLOG posts from the road, make sure to sign up to hit the ‘follow’ button on lower right corner of my website: www.tourforbecky.org 

or sign up for my Facebook page:


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