“Tons” of Updates: One Week Out

A nice synopsis of the current status of Tour for Becky and a tasty local brew in one!  Exciting news and updates as we approach the start.  Still 300 Tons of CO2 from our goal.  Check out the deal sweetener below!

  1. A new partner and a new VLOG

I am going all modern with a VLOG.  Check out this first episode that introduces an important new partner into the ride. In this video I interview two members of the team at Trees for the Future, a fantastic organization that mitigates carbon in proven ways, but their story is MUCH bigger than that.  They combine two of the most potent weapons against the climate crisis: regenerative agriculture and reforestation.  Fittingly, we filmed this one day before the UN’s World Environment Day. I do not want to steal too much of their thunder, but suffice it to say that I think you are going to be impressed with what they have accomplished since 1989.  With Trees for the Future we not only get lower-priced carbon sequestration, but also a UN recognized social and economic system that has yielded great results in Sub-Saharan Africa where they empower communities to jump off the precarious and environmentally reckless mono-crop treadmill.  Fun fact: The music in the intro is from a song I wrote from my experiences on Tour for Becky I called “The 400 Line”.

  1. Progress towards 1,000 tons of CO2 Sequestration

We are still creeping towards our goal.  Often fundraising goes in waves and troughs and we have definitely been in a bit of a slow period.  With only one week left, if you were planning on supporting the ride, there really is no time like the present.  Of the many people I approach to support the ride almost all are very enthusiastic about its goals and admiring of the effort; however, the reality is that relatively few (maybe 10%) take that final action step to actually vote for action (donate.)  So I ask simply and directly, please become a member of the team!  The overall goal is sequestering  1,000 tons of carbon and we are at nearly 700 tons, but there is another number that is really as important to me.  That is the total number of people who are supporting the ride.   By giving ANYamount at all, you are saying that you see the issue confronting us and you want to be part of the solution.  Keep in mind that  all of your donation goes towards action. My family is paying for all of the costs of the ride on top funding 160 tons of sequestration.  My main goal for the ride was to turn our collected vague unease and trepidation about the climate crisis into concrete action in a meaningful way that is easy for people to do.   We got into this predicament through a collection of small acts and must do the same to get out of it.  Last ride I had about 150 supporters and this time I am idling at about 50.   If you have other ways that you are confronting the crisis in your life, please add them to the Climate Commitments section on the site.  I am feeling a little lonely there. As always, pass this info on to anyone who you think might be interested.  

  1. Sweetening the deal

If having a concrete answer to what you are doing to soften the blow of the climate crisis for our children and grandchildren is not enough of a motivation, I offer you one final enticement to log onto tourforbecky.org and join me right now.  Anyone who donates any amount will be put into a raffle to win a beautiful oil landscape painting done by artist Greta Bell. (Gretabell.com).   It is a small format oil on wood.  Right now you have about a 1/50 chance.  Good luck to all and thanks to Greta for helping me in this way.

For your viewing pleasure here is a 25 second time-lapse of me disassembling my touring bike to be packed in the searing heat.  I wish I could actually work in time lapse, the entire disassembly, maintenance and packing process took about 4 hours!

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