Climate Action Commitments

Climate change is the single biggest thing that humans have ever done on this planet. The one thing that needs to be bigger is our movement to stop it.

-Bill McKibben

What steps are you taking to reduce your impact? Leave a comment below if you like to share ideas and inspiration. (Picture at top taken riding my way into Muskegeon, MI)

5 thoughts on “Climate Action Commitments

  1. Aaron Stephenson and Family April 14, 2021 — 1:33 pm

    1. Replaced an inefficient hot water heater with an on demand one (40% more efficient)
    2. Committed to next vehicle being an EV
    3. Reducing cans and bottles with a Soda Stream
    4. Eating less meat at family dinners
    5. Riding 1,000 to raise money for carbon offsets.


  2. 978yvb7cmirxrz June 7, 2021 — 10:55 am

    Hobart Popick and family:
    1. Installed a solar array to power 100% of our home’s electric use
    2. Replaced 2 ICE vehicles with EVs
    3. Stopped buying red meat
    4. Composts all organic waste
    5. Supports the Tour for Becky!


  3. Ethan Stephenson June 15, 2021 — 12:32 pm

    Ethan Stephenson and family

    1. Install rooftop solar array (done)
    2. Purchase remaining electricity needs from green energy source (done)
    3. Reduce to one car and make it an EV (done)
    4. Replace gas hot water heater with heat pump water heater (done)
    5. Perform home energy audit (done)
    6. Increase insulation in home (done)
    7. Eat primarily vegetarian diet (done)
    8. Walk to work in all weather (done)
    9. Commit to driving under 7500 miles per year (done)
    10. Buy more local products
    11. Purchase more products that are not packaged in plastic


  4. Direct:
    *Purchase/lease Electric Vehicle at soonest possibility; purchasing corresponding renewable energy credits.
    * Family eats meat (pasture/free-range grown) for less than 15% of meals; and no personal consumption.
    *No use of air conditioning in cooling season and layering up in the heating season (temp set point <55-65 F)
    *Driving at or under the speed limit (with no unnecessary acceleration) to attain 30%+ greater efficiency of vehicle fuel economy rating: optimize passenger vehicle miles.
    *Utilizing any/all utility based energy efficiency incentives when possible:; as well as Federal "Energy Star" rebates/incentives:
    *Active stewardship/management of trees in my yard for ecosystem services (carbon storage, shade, biodiversity, invasive vine/species mitigation; forest linkage health etc.).
    * Financial planning aiming to purchase verifiable REC's and/or or carbon offsets/credits for my entire family's transportation, electrical, and heating energy consumption for as long as our dwelling and lifestyle requires it.
    INDIRECT through Collaboration:
    *Continue to educate and advocate through discourse, study, and work the critical need for both the legislative and market based solutions (carbon price and low-carbon technology incentive policies) that have the scaled impacts necessary for the challenge. And similarly for both immediate and longer term design, planning, development, and cultivation of healthy livable communities based on walking, biking, and public transportation.
    * Continue to explore how to live a life focused on being and doing rather than buying and consuming; and how markets can evolve to thrive in service of our deepest rather than cheapest values.


  5. Hardaker Family
    1. Installed rooftop solar array
    2. Stopped eating red meat as a family
    3. Put deposit on electric car for 2022
    4. Started composting
    5. Use Shaklee cleaning, personal care and nutrition products, the first company to be certified Climate Neutral in the whole world! Shaklee has also planted well over a million trees. Shaklee’s Basic H was the first Earth Day biodegradable cleaning product.


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