Day 18, Badgered

I know the suspense has been killing you so I want to start off giving answers to a couple of the questions I had posed along the way to my faithful readers. Way back in Ontario I had quizzed people about the crops I was seeing. There was only one response so even though it wasn’t entirely correct, I think Greta gets some credit. The crops of the area in the pictures were ginseng (under shade) wheat, tobacco, and corn.

Moving on to yesterday’s question about the ice cream flavors that I chose. One was “this sh$@ just got serious”and the other was the smore flavor. Delicious both. No one got it completely correct, but I like the reasoning and psychology that several of you used to come to your conclusions. I actually went back to a different location of the same ice cream place today and got two more flavors. Those will remain a closely guarded secret. You will have to come to Madison yourself to try them all.

One of the coolest experiences I have had along the route was reconnecting with my favorite Wisconsiner (Wisconsonian?), my dear friend Nina. We used to work together and I really have missed having her around. I got yet another insider tour from her.I was wondering if it was a permanent sign. Scott Walker strikes again!Nina took me to an iconic Madison Restaurant to dine with her sister, Katy, where I sampled typical fair including the namesake old-fashioned, which is made differently in Wisconsin that another places. I also felt obliged to have the cheese curds (pull my arm….so yummy) And more brats. Have you noticed how well I’ve eaten on this tour?It’s another great thing about Bike touring, you really don’t have to worry about the calories too much because I will burn them in the 360 miles left.

We spent a few minutes in the veterans museum, which had a large array of memorabilia from different times and branches of the US military. My son Eli would have loved it here.

Look where it is made.

That is a hunky badger.

Still can’t quite get over the prominence of bike culture of this place. It is like Amsterdam (I imagine) flat, open, and filled with tall blonde people.

This is another iconic Madison place called Union Terrace. It’s like a huge public your garden on the lake but it is part of University of Wisconsin in their student center. Seems like a great place to learn how to sail. Eli has been in sailing camp for several weeks now. I can’t wait to see what he can do when I get home.

I got a text from my daughter today asking me if I liked arctic monkeys. I had to pause and really think about what that meant. I decided that I like the idea of monkeys living in the Arctic with a little while in coats and Russian style hats. Right as I was pondering whether I liked arctic monkeys I came across this spot. How apropos!

Apparently Arctic Monkeys is a band that people over 40 are not allowed to know about.

I wanted to give a shout out to Oscar and Mariela, two of Nina’s friends, who hosted me in grand style.

Un un saludo y un abrazo. Gracias por recibirme en tu casa.

Today was a mini Christmas in July celebration as I had ordered several items to Nina’s address. I now have a bunch of bison/bacon/cranberry bars to help me go the distance. There is was also a chain in case my current one falls apart completely.

However, my most anticipated item was a new saddle. I really needed another one as I had stolen the one I am riding from my road bike. The saddle I bought is really the “right one” that most touring cyclist used. It has more points of contact and thus creates fewer bummers. Most people are surprised to learn that saddles for long distance biking generally are not soft at all in the traditional sense. This saddle has no cushioning to speak of, but rather it has the right shape and is flexible, which is better in the long run then soft. Time will tell, but I took some Care today to really dial in the ergonomics on my bike. Geez, it has only taken me to 3/4 of the way through the ride to get things right. If the public demand is great enough I could give a rear end update.

Tomorrow I ride into the wilds of central Wisconsin. We will see if I have any phone coverage for a blog update tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me it is either a lack of access or I have been kidnapped by a gang of badgers riding moose. Luckily I have some experience with moose.

For those who don’t know the story, my five minutes of fame was used up on recording a moose passing through my urban Worcester yard. Video below.

Digital breadcrumbs in case of the moose/badger mafia abduction.

2 thoughts on “Day 18, Badgered

  1. I would like a rear end update please.

    Also, I have a funny story about Reedsburg, which is a very pretty place with nice rolling hills….I had to go there to take pictures of an art exhibit. It’s about a 3 hour drive from Chicago. But you see, I typed Reedsville into my maps, which is also 3 hours from Chicago, but also 3 hours from Reedsburg. So, I spend 9 hours driving that day to spend 1 hour taking pictures of a shovel fence. This is my epic tale. Enjoy!


  2. This is Jim Brennan with some reflection on the Arctic Monkeys. During the Eocene ( 50 million years ago is a working marker ) there wasn’t any ice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Arctic Ocean was near 70 degrees with alligators. Fossils have been found of primates as well ( lemurs ). Not yet found during that age in Africa they were making their way across a semi-tropical Canada from Southeast Asia all the way to Europe and eventually Africa where over the next near 50 million years evolved with many ramifications ( an evolutionary tree) into bipedal australopithecenes and hominids.

    I always found that paleontological fossil story pretty cool. Thought I would share it with you.

    Take care.


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