Day 17, Madison on my mind

After a scrumptious breakfast with the family and a sandwich packed by Barb, I had it out on one of my most anticipated days of the track. But before I left there was some chinchilla petting time and bikes to be signed.

I have been eagerly anticipating my arrival in Madison Wisconsin, not only because it is one of the coolest towns around and has jaw-dropping bike infrastructure, but also because it will be the site of my second and final rest day. See all those bold lines on the map? Those aren’t roads, they are bikeways! It was a blazing hot day but the landscape was extremely pretty. And made sure to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

speaking of the way, almost the entire distance was on a bike path. Perhaps will be more precisely described as a bicycle autobahn. There was even a license to obtain an app told to pay to use the route. I stopped in to a bicycle shop along the way to pick their brains about how I might be able to properly reattach my rack. I also confirmed that I have worn my chain out and in fact an entire drivetrain rebuild will likely be necessary when I get back. This bike shop had a coffee place and they had bottles of beer in the refrigerator.

Thanks for the sandwich, Barb, it came in handy…or stomachy. Handy into the stomachy.

Somewhere along the way I inadvertently ended up calling 911. Apparently if you hold in two of the buttons on these new phones it automatically calls emergency services. I had put the phone into its holder in such a way that it put pressure on those two buttons. I had a lovely conversation with a dispatcher explaining my silliness.

Which service would you go to? I’m wondering why they even offer of the traditional service?

Let’s talk Madison bike culture for a minute. In the upper picture I was trying to capture the fact that the bike lane is actually the same size as two lanes of vehicle traffic. It’s really striking to see the equivalency on the streets. There are bike racks absolutely everywhere and you can see that in the second picture. That’s a Madison parking problems. It’s super cool to be on the road with other cyclists riding around as in Wester there are very few of us. You even see quite a few continue to ride after dark and bypass are absolutely everywhere.

Justin and Sarah are my hosts tonight and they did a great job getting me into the thick of the culture. We rode our bikes about 3 miles to the center and a delicious food together. The waiter kept messing up my drink order so I got a beer and a half for free! Even though it’s not July yet, Tonight is the night of Madison’s fireworks in the town was a jumping.

if you know me, Or even better if you don’t, look at that ice cream board and tell me which two flavors you think I tried? Leave your answer in the comments. What I can say is that the ice cream was a great way to refill on calories.

Sarah took me to the maker space where she belongs and uses partly as an office for her work. It had lots of cool stuff in it and remind me the place that I take my son to learn metalworking and blacksmithing in Massachusetts. That Iron Man costume was completely 3-D printer produced.

More scenes from the Madison evening.

Wisconsin fresh strawberries are the best dessert… Along with the ice cream.

So I would like to take this opportunity to tell my dear friends and family that if you cannot find me, look for me in Madison. That is where I will be from now on. tomorrow I will get to see a good friend of mine with whom I used to work.

3 thoughts on “Day 17, Madison on my mind

  1. We almost moved to Madison! It’s only two hours from me.
    Mint chip
    Coffee ice cream (exhausted parent)

    Or butter pecan?

    I so wish I could see you today!!


  2. Hi Aaron! I was thinking about you! jim and I covered some Tour de France roads with a crazy tour guide the other day in Provence, France.! Wow! He teaches skiing in the alps in the winter and used to be a slalom racer. Now he just acts like a Grand Prix driver!! The terrain was beautiful though! I remember how Becky loved that place!
    Except for your few glitches it sounds like you’re doing well! Was it Munchie Madness and Butter pecan? They all looked good!Glad you’re enjoying Madison! I have a cousin there who loves it! Bon Voyage!!!


  3. Exhausted parent (I remember you said you loved coffee ice cream!) and the expresso Oreo soy – just so you could compare a dairy and a non-dairy coffee concoction. There are several contenders. Your photos of the sky, clouds, sunsets are exquisite. Beautiful country! Safe travels!


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