Day 19: What the dell?

After a day of loafing and goofing off, it was time to hit the dusty trail again.I bid adieu to my great hosts Justin and Sarah and rolled out of Madison.

The Dells of Wisconsin are as quaint as advertised. Lots of this reminded me of a flat Vermont.

Remember that inadvertent called to emergency services a couple of days ago? Well I have a better story today. I was traveling down a busy County Highway 12 near Baraboo Wisconsin when all of a sudden, without warning, the street turned into a freeway. I guess Google maps hasn’t updated this for their bike product yet. Luckily a very nice Sauk County Sheriff came by in the next minute and told me where to go to avoid this new super highway. He took my information and everything. There may or may not be a warrant for my arrest in Wisconsin.

Besides being intercepted by the police on the highway, my morning fun consisted of going to a very typical Wisconsin chain that my host had suggested. It was particularly important that I try the Culvers custard before I left the region. As I was starting to get hungry one appeared out of thin air. It was indeed the very first restaurant in this chain. I ended up getting a Wisconsin Swiss melt and a concrete mixer, which is like a frozen custard milkshake. I forgot to have the cheese curds. Drat!

Baraboo Wisconsin is the hometown of PT Barnum. I actually knew that before I got here. I think I used up the space in my brain to remember that detailThat probably shouldn’t have been occupied by more important information, like the set list in the 1956 Newport Jazz Festival.

It was a brutally hot day reaching highs near 90 with high humidity. When I got pushed off of track by the police I realize they put me closer to a site that my host had recommend I check out. So I went to this little local swimming hole.

It’s an Airbnb in a little town called La valle. Tomorrow I will make La Crosse if all goes well.

I little bit of housekeeping to take care of.

One. I have the rear end review for those who had expressed interest in my new seat. It’s important to give it a long term review, but going by first impression I deem it to be a nine out of ten buttered buns.

Two. If you have not read Jim’s comments on Arctic Monkeys from yesterday’s post you should. I am learning a surprising amount about them.

OK, I am tired so it’s off to bed for me. Tomorrow’s gonna be another long ride with some questionable weather.

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