Day 11, My Time in London

Guess what I did today? Yes, you are correct… I spun the cranks on my bike until I had gone 110 km. Rinse and repeat!

Once again I must thank my wonderful host from last night. Jaime and Heather treated me like an old friend, helping me in so many ways. Thanks to them and their dogs who are serving as temporary canine fixes.

I am missing the family of course as well. Shout out to my two youngest who traveled to Chicago on their own to be with my sister Greta for a week. I hear that they are having a great time and being their super cool selves. Love you guys! Eli is learning to sail and doing yard work . I miss him too!

Quick quiz. Name the 5 most common crops in the region pictured in the next three photos. Prize to the winner. Leave your answer as a comment.

Can you see all 384,00?It’s on the Thames river too.

Today was a pretty quiet day on the road passing through large swaths of agricultural landscape. It was a sunny and hot day and by the afternoon to head when was pounding me in the face again. I have to learn to set off a bit earlier to avoid the worst of the heat and the wind in the afternoon. Like most days I finished up sore and tired but happy to be off the bike in the company of another great set of hosts. Ciao and David prepared me a scrumptious meal to refill the calories and we chatted over coffee ice cream, my favorite. I feel like such a lucky person to have been able to stay with all of these great people.The conversations are wide ranging and stimulating after a day on my own on the bike.

Tomorrow will be my final day in Canada. Ontario, you have been very kind to me in most ways.

By the way, if you were keeping track, I am about 615 miles into the ride with a little bit under 1000 left to go.

On the fundraising front I have two pieces of good news. One is that we are within dollars of hitting the $7000 mark. I am not really actively promoting this site now as I am busy doing it but I’m hopeful someone will help put us over the top. Thanks for all that you have done to support charities. The second piece of good news is that Horizons for Homeless Children has gotten a matching contribution challenge in the amount of $100,000 for this summer. That means that we will be able to double the impact and amount of our contribution Because it is being matched by some generous person.

Also. If you have tried to contact me and I have not responded it is because my cell phone is not working here in Canada. I spent a long time on the phone with my company as they say they offer coverage here. Guess what? They offer it and all the provinces except Ontario… The most populous one. And of course the only one that I am going through. Cheerio!

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  1. We guess Corn , tomatoes, potatoes, soybeans, sod


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