Day 12, Another Great Lake Day

So I left my crown, tea, and crumpets in London with my lovely host David and Jill. Like everyone else along the ride, they were extremely helpful and kind hearted people who I enjoyed getting to know. They even ride a tandem together! We talked about all manner of things, especially as David was so good as to lead me out of the city through the warren of bike trails in the city center. It was really the first time that I had ridden with someone else even for a couple of minutes along the way.

Every region seems to have a subtle difference to it but also a great sameness in this part of the country. It was larger farms Sitting on great big flat plots of land until I hit Lake Huron.

Huron is less like a lake and more like an inland sea. It’s the second largest of the great lakes and runs about 325 miles long. I had trouble getting my first glimpse of it as there wasn’t much public access, but I finally found a jetty sticking way out into the lake with some boys jumping on it.

Tonight it was an Airbnb instead of a warm shower location. I wanted to be close to the bridge so I could get to the US early tomorrow morning. Lynn Had been very sympathetic and her messages and she turned out to be an amazing Airbnb host. Not only does she keep a spotless place with all the amenities, she spent a long time talking to me and exchanging different ideas about global education. She definitely went a step above by offering to include me in her dinner of fresh caught Lake Huron pickerel made into fish tacos. Delicious! Then Scott brought out the blow torch and finished off the crème brûlée he had made in the Sous vide. I think I need one of those!

If that wasn’t enough they offered to take me out in their classic convertible, basically the Canadian version of the GTO called a Beaumont. It reminded me of riding around in my fathers 64 Buick Riviera. They took me all around showing me the bridge and the giant barges that run up and down the lake carrying all manner of commodities including call, iron ore, grains etc. They also brought me to a model of the Great Lakes in one of their parks. There is a huge oil refinery business in this neck of the world as well as giant grain elevators. Scott grew up here and was a very knowledgeable guide to the city.

He talked up the Henry Ford Museum and a special car show they put on. I would love to be able to coordinate to take Eli to it.

Ontario has been very kind to me. The landscape is beautiful and there is some variety in what you experience, but it’s really the excellence of the people that I have met along the way that has made the biggest difference. Canadians really are some of the most friendly people in the world.

Shout out to mama Jody For holding down the fort with Eli well I’m on this long adventure. Eli, careful of the boom!

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