Day 10, Different day different challenge

Every day seems to bring different challenges and opportunities. After saying goodbye to Ginette, my wonderful and generous host for the night, I set off for what I thought would be a moderate day of riding under clear blue skies. I knew the distance would be on the upper end of my range and I anticipated a little bit of wind along the lake, but it ended up being one of those surprisingly challenging days. After about 8 km (woo kilometers, how international) I reach down for water bottle as I felt a pang of thirst. It was then that I realized I left them back at the house and turned around to return with my brakes still shrieking like a madman in the loony bin. In every town people would look up and see who was coming because of the noise. The scenery was quite beautiful, flat and green with lots of farms either side of the bike path. But the head wind coming due west into my face was absolutely no joke, especially as the day wore on. fully loaded with bags you’re like a sail. It was relentless and exhausting while the temperatures rose. Essentially I hardly got off my bike from 830 until 4 PM. I didn’t even have lunch except for a ton of bars as I ground it out.

I found myself in the middle of a triathlon. If I had only had Now THAT is a lawn mower (on one of the many sod farms I have seen)A new take on the classic barn. There were many of these sun catching barns along the way, and ominously for me, wind turbines galore. I was wondering what kind of festival gas fest would be. It left a lot today imagination 🙂 But instead of being a cheeky celebration about flatulence, I think it was actually something more related to this picture below. In the middle of the green fields and spinning wind turbines an absolutely monstrous oil refinery spewing rancid petroleum vapors popped up in the middle of nowhere. Just a bit further on was a vision of a classic hulking, steaming, rusting steel mill. It looked like something from another era. I was half expecting Andrew Carnegie to come out and yell at me to get off his property.Car is run on polluting petroleum and I run on lots of calories from different sources. Today my app said that I burnEd 4200 cal riding almost 80 miles. I was completely tapped out when I arrive at my house for the evening. Jamie met me right outside of his house on a gorgeous piece of property right off the lake. It is such a tranquil spot. He showed me his hawks that he trains for falconry and explained a bit about the sport. They only give 25 licenses and all of Ontario to hunt this way and last year he won the falconry license lottery.He and his wife treated me like another family member from the very first. We had a delicious burger dinner and then it took me on a tour of the quaint Lakeside Village where the property is located. There are all kinds of distinctive things about the but one of them is that it is among the few places in North America where most of the ginseng is grown. He told me stories of skulduggery among the farmers that would rather burn their valuable seed instead of selling it to others etc.

Can you tell the lake is historically high?Jamie’s wife had just gotten back from time in Tanzania so I was the beneficiary of my first African beer. It taste like chicken. Jamie took me over to see one of his good friends who owns an awesome bike shop in town. He is also define guitar player and he showed me his instruments. Is now selling a lot of electric bikes. I actually was right on the edge of buying an electric bike to get to work without sweating through my shirts when Trump put in the tariffs and the cost went up 30% overnight. Thanks Mr. President. I guess it won’t affect him as he thinks exercise drains life force. Must also be hard with those bone spurs in his left or right foot.

I was even allowed to take an electric bike on a giant back to my host house. That is pure fun and if you would like to bike but are afraid of hills or just don’t feel up to it, think of electric bikes they are pretty cool! You still paddle and can get a great work out but they assist you as much as you want. He said he had a customer in her 70s who brought her bike back for a little bit of maintenance and he saw that she had written over 6000 km in a year.

These were the squeakers that I successfully replaced with the help of Jaime holding a flashlight and passing me tools like surgeons assistant.

I didn’t just have a room, I had a house! They call it the clubhouse and that’s where their boys would hang out as teenagers.Thank you Jamie and Heather!!! The companionship and hospitality was just what I needed after a challenging day.

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