Day 9: International edition

There was a gray start to what turned out to be a lovely day on the road. This is one of the shorter legs of the trip at only about 55 miles. Plus, mercifully, we have entered the flat zone.

Drivers have been really great to me on this entire trip general, giving me plenty a room in a pass etc. I knew I would have to run into a jerk at some point and in Batavia I did. He beeped at me or just riding in the road essentially. I might have made him slow down a fraction or move over a foot to let it pass. Some people just don’t think anyone else should be on the road.

I had never been to Buffalo before and I was surprised at what a big city it is. It took me almost an hour to ride through it from ring road suburbs into the heart of the city. It has a lot a beautiful old homes which show what an important city it was at a certain point in American history when the economy was based on industrial output powered by the famous falls.

I knew I would be leaving the United States so I figured I should get a taste my favorite American food… Mexican! It was a great Taqueria where I got delicious burrito with homemade tomatillo sauce. That’s refueling the right way. Olé!

I had noticed my brakes squealing like pigs and my stopping power reduced. It Seemed like it must be time for new brake pads, which I had not replaced in over 2000 miles. So I took ride to a hip section of downtown and found a bike shop where they dispensed lots of advice and were able to find new brake pads for me. The salesperson told me that today was the inauguration of the bridge and thought that I might be one of the first people to be able to go over on the new highly anticipated pedestrian crossing which has been in the works for many years.

When I actually got to the bridge I saw the sign that indicated that bikers still must be shuttled over. The driver who picked me up laughed when I told her the hopeful story of crossing under my own power. She said that it had been slated to open in March but they keep pushing it back month by month. She pointed out all the ways in which the bridge was not nearly done. Good thing they had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a partially done bridge.

Once on the other side everything seemed just a bit more relaxed, orderly, tasteful…..well….Canadian. I was surprised at the velocity of the current running under the bridge. It looked extremely strong. I picked up the friendship trail which will take me part of the way down to Erie coast. It’s a lovely paved, flat trail that runs quite a ways and it connected to the trans Canada bike trail. One of the first things I passed West Fort Erie where there were a couple of reenactors hanging out ready to report for duty.

And then it was on to meet Ginette, my host for tonight. She was so kind and helpful in addition to being a great conversationalist with lots of interests and knowledge. We spoke for hours and hours while I prepared a dinner and she served wine she had made. She is yet another gem of a host and experience. I have been so lucky!my host tomorrow night is into falconry.

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  1. Great pictures!!


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