Day 8, fatherland

After my brother, Ethan, brought me up to Geneva in his cool electric car, I got my bike out of storage at the college and took off into the teeth of the rain after a refreshing day of rest. Several times my phone buzzed violently at me warning me of national weather Center alerts. There were flash floods all around me. The rivers were running brown and the many farmers fields were partially underwater. In Canandaigua I got hit by a powerful shower, but luckily there was no lightning. It was pretty much steadily wet all day and my shoes for us squishing after only 10 minutes, but I am used to this by now. I have had more rainy days than sunny ones.

This area is where my father grew up. In fact, I made a point of riding right by the plot of land where he grew up and giving him a call from there. Unfortunately the quaint house that he grew up in, which I remember redolent of the peculiar scent of fresh picked tomatoes, the memories of grandpa telling me about how the Germans gassed him leg in WwI and riding on that old red international Harvester tractor that seemed impossibly tall, was knocked down and is now a mechanic shop and electric company depot. Such is progress. At least the flea market that my uncle ran for many many years was still there. They had even turned part of it into a drive-in theater. I have good memories of that place as well, especially getting free food from the concession stand and driving around a golf cart so fast I think we broke it.

Tonight I am paying for my first accommodations along the route. originally I had A place to stay for free in Batavia but because I inserted a rest day I lost tonight and tomorrow nights original accommodation plan. However, I have recouped and have a new place for tomorrow night after I cross into Canada. Luckily I found a cool Airbnb, which included laundry and my host kindly drove me to a restaurant where I proceeded to try to replace all of the 3800 calories I had burn today at once. Tully The turtle and I are friends now. I thought his food was remarkably good for a reptile, especially the peanut butter chocolate cake.

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