Day 5 blue skies

All in all today was nice relatively easy day almost exclusively along the historic Erie Canal. The weather eve cooperated for once! Because my hosts in Syracuse wouldn’t be back from work until after 5, I had the luxury of a late an leisurely start from Mike and Arlene’s house. It was great to connect to them after many years.

Lots of locks All roads lead to…Boat yard where they built the barges.

Today I saw a couple of people going in the opposite direction looking like they were on long distance tours. I stopped to talk with one guy who looked especially well kitted out. He has been on the road for a couple of years and most recently was riding from Arizona. He has done figure eights in the country since his retirement. More power to him!

In the evening I got to hang out with old friends in Syracuse’s. Thanks to Cara, Huey, Lulu, And Charlotte for the camaraderie, couch and comestibles!

Ever wonder what I do with my mind all day as I crank out the miles? Sometimes I just enjoy the passing scenery and immerse myself in solitude. But much of the time I am listening to something through my headset. Here is a sample of some things that I have heard in the last week:

Mountain stage (music podcast)

Hardcore history (deep dive history)

Good life project (interesting interviews)

The one you feed (interesting interviews

Making sense

On Being

Planet Money

Hidden Brain (Neuroscience/psychology)

Marianela (classic of Spanish lit)

1 thought on “Day 5 blue skies

  1. Happy to hear that you had a good day! Taking in some history along the way too! Stay well, stay safe. Good luck as you continue your journey!


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