Day 6, ready to rest

Today it was a ride from Syracuse to Geneva. The weather was fantastic and there was no headwind or rain. After a leisurely start from Cara and Huey’s house I made my way mostly along the canal again.

What a good-looking family! Thanks for the hospitality.Wheat farming Mennonite countryA Weedsport lunch at the drive in. So tomorrow is my first rest day of the trip. My brother Ethan had arranged storage of my bike in the office of a person who is a neighbor of his in Ithaca. I met Ben in his space at the picturesque Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY. He was so accommodating and kind allowing me to stash my bike in his place. However, when we left the building I noticed that my bags, that I had just briefly left outside as we conversed, were gone! It was quite a mystery to us both but he had the presence of mind of calling campus security. They had scooped up the bags almost immediately. Those boys in blue at the college are really on top of their game. They are campus security ninjas! Afterwards he brought me to the quaint downtown at Geneva and even bought me a beer. What a guy! He also offered some ideas about trails going through where he went to college, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Can’t wait to get there; it sounds beautiful.

Puerto Rican food in Geneva with the Stephenson’s. Oh yeah! I am now ready to sleep it off. Down to Ithaca we go.

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