Day four, part of the Utica club

I left my hosts still asleep for a lovely day of constant rain but flat earth. After all the climbing of yesterday I was able to coast down to the Erie canal, which has a bike way that runs along much of it. I popped in for coffee at the High Wheeler coffee shop then Began cranking out the miles to Utica. It wasn’t too cold so the rain was only a slight bother, sometimes making seeing a challenge. Saddle sores have visited me after 250 miles on the road. This is the part that can’t be prepared for. I pretty much biked straight through the rain without even eating lunch before getting to Mike and Arlene’s house (sister’s in-laws). They met me with open arms and Utica Club beer. We chatted and had a scrumptious dinner. They even stocked my room with all kinds of athletic drinks and bars. What great people!

2 thoughts on “Day four, part of the Utica club

  1. Oomph! Saddle sores. What will you do for them? Skin graft?


  2. Arlene Winslow June 17, 2019 — 7:47 pm

    It was our pleasure to have hosted Aaron along his journey. We had the chance to hear about his family and his reasons for taking this amazing trip….a worthy cause. He was easy to have as a guest and grateful for everything. We wish him success and safety along the way. Also, we found out that Aaron doesn’t like watermelon!!


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