Prologue- The calm before…

The back is back in shape and just in time having responded to extended rest (and not being stupid and lifting heavy things.) As discussed in an early blog post the official ride is staring from Westborough, MA as it was Becky’s hometown and final resting place.  I took advantage of the fabulous weather to do the 25 mile round-trip from my home in fully loaded mode to make sure I have all of the kinks worked out of the gear and my legs.

It was a time to reflect on Becky’s life and influence.  To remember and to honor.  I hope that she will be looking over me on the ride.  I think today’s amazing weather is her gift.

Unfortuantely, todays ideal weather of bright sunshine, low 70s, and minimal humidity is not going to last.  Tomorrow will be on the colder side, with highs maybe not even getting into the 60’s with LOTS of rain.  Oh well, at least I won’t have to use any sunscreen.  When doing the Camino De Santiago I would always think of it as just another little test of purpose and resilience.  Further, I figure if the first day is a little hard, that is good because I have a lot of built up enthusiasm and freshness at this point and everything after this will feel even better.  It is good luck and a test of my preparation.  It is an adventure after all.  I am also excited because I will be staying with family in Northampton, cousins on my mother’s side.  I have not visited these guys in such a long time.  When I last was at their place, their son was a little guy…now he is going off to college.

I have been communicating with the folks at Horizons for Homeless Children and they are interested in doing an interview and posting to their media channels.  Big time fame!

Here is a rendition of a well-known song that I recorded today.  I thought was appropriate for its content and because Becky was a Willie fan.

See ya’ll on the road.


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