Final Prep

Hola amigos (mostly named Greta),

It is getting down to the wire now. Woohoo! Unfortunately I tweaked by back out again installing an air conditioner.  This will be the second time in about a month’s time that I have done something to make some little muscle in my lower-back grumpy.  It helps you wake up to the amazing intricacy and delicacy of the human body.  There is such a fine balance that you do not notice when everything is working properly that reveals itself in these moments.  Hopefully it will be like last time and disappear after a couple of days of enforced rest.  It is a bummer because the weekend was going to be the big last hurrah for training with two 50+ fully loaded days in a row planned.  The weather has been perfect to boot, but after a short ride on Saturday that was a little uncomfortable, I decided that the most prudent thing is to lay around, read, and calorie load.

In this process of lounging I came across a CNN article that points out the importance of the fundraising we are doing.  LA has been big in the news with flashy headlines on the surge in homelessness, but, as the article points out, California is not the state that leads the country in increased homelessness.  Guess which one is?  Yes, you are very smart indeed…it is the great state of Massachusetts and while we lead in EVERY category, the biggest growth by far is in families and youth.  For me the (sad) punchline is that MA has seen this population grow 4X more than the next state on the list.  This is especially depressing as the measures are in actual numbers vs rates, which means we are creating more homelessness than states with much larger populations.  Digging a little deeper I found the HUD report that indicates that 21,000 public school students were homeless in the 2016-2017 school year.  I am glad that half of our fundraising will be going to Horizons for Homeless Children as they have a big task on their hands.


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