We were Big Wigs!

About half of the donations to Tour for Becky went to support an organization that was important in Becky’s life, the Rays of Hope Foundation.  It is a foundation devoted to improving the care for breast cancer at a local level through a network of support services, research, and advocacy.

Well, last Sunday happened to be their big event of the year, a walk-run around the beautiful park area of Springfield, Ma.  From the start I could feel the presence of Becky.  There was a fantastic rainbow heading west on the Masspike.  Rays of Hope!



I was able to attend with super- Big Wig status because we had raised the second highest individual amount for the organization.  With this lofty title I was entitled to VIP parking, VIP bathroom use (though the state cop had to stay outside), a VIP tent-lounge are with snacks and leather couches, etc.  Then there was the gift bag. Handfuls of certificates to local business, hats, artwork, and a mighty fine umbrella, that I put to use right away with the damp weather, were all inside the bag.  I was wondering where the wig was.


After a decent time in the 5 miler, I hung around in the tent until the walk took off.  Along with chatting with the directors of the event, I was lucky enough to get to meet with the actual founder, Lucy Giuggio Carvalho.  Despite the weather, she was brimming with joy and optimism.  It was a great event and I am glad to have been a part of it, thanks to the people who donated to me for the Tour for Becky.


It is too early to make any hard plans for sure, but I certainly have an urge to get from Minnesota to Seattle.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!  I am also at work on an album inspired by the ride.  I would love to have it done by the spring.  IMG_9170IMG_9172IMG_9175Thanks again for supporting the ride.

Blue skies and tail wings,



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