Day 23, Tour no more

Well, I dang did it. 1600 miles, 0 accidents, 0 flat tires, tons of fun and discovery. Becky must have been watching over me and guiding my path. We have raised nearly $9,000 together and together travelled across half the country.

But before we get too deep in the big picture, which I will probably do in a separate post after I have had some distance from the experience, let me tell you about the final day’s ride.

It was the longest day I have done in terms of miles at about 85. Mary led me out from her home quite a way so we were able extend our conversations. Then it was to the Mississippi again, a consistent companion over the last week.Although it was generally flat, as I had been told it would be, it’s a bit different perspective in a car than a bike. It was rolling on the bluffs above the river and hot to boot, so hot that I ran out of water twice. You would think I would be beyond those rookie mistakes. Of course there was a headwind in addition but I have changed my attitude (partially) to these obstacles. I figured it was just a reminder to slow down and enjoy the ride. When it is just about getting to the next place everything seems like a hindrance, but the destination is not what it is all about. I think this might be a metaphor for something larger.

I also discovered that Mike doesn’t exactly live in the town. That sign was about 11 miles from his house. There had to be one final challenge.

After a warm welcome from my good friend Mike and a big meal of burgers. We went out to a cidery (is that what a place that makes cider is called?) where Mark, Mike’s brother was playing in a reggae band.

if you are one of the select few who has followed my journies over the last few years you will probably recognize him.

I went with Mark and Mike to do music in France and Spain following the Camino 5 years ago. Five years! If you are interested in that experience, here is the link to the documentary I made about it.

In that vein, if you haven’t seen the video that I made last summer with Mike in Spain, you might be interested. It is full of interviews with pilgrims, photos, and music made on the way. Warning: It is interesting but lengthy.

The Lessons of Footsteps

I didn’t take any video this time, so there will not be a documentary….the blog served that purpose.

It’s r and r today with Mike and family and figuring out how to ship the bike home. I’ll catch up with ya’ll in a few days. Thanks for riding with me and supporting the adventure.

1 thought on “Day 23, Tour no more

  1. Congratulations!!!
    So proud of you. Our great grandfather walked from California to Chicago. You completed the journey on bike!
    (We shipped a bike once and we just took it to a bike shop as they had the right size boxes. )


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