Day 21, Something different

Today was unusual because I have either been doing 70 miles plus or the occasional rest day. Today was a deliciously short day clocking in at about 40 miles. However, it was one of the more hilly days I have had since being in the Midwest. The driftless region of Wisconsin has some hills for sure.

Scenes from the farm. Thank you Black family!

Rolly country and the great river

Fourth of July party list. Local beer…. check

Speaking of local, I happened to run across two local products to my home in Massachusetts out here. I can still get that Worcester water even when I’m in Wisconsin. I can drink it along with my Marlborough mayonnaise, though probably not at the same time.

I also had another friendly state trooper pulled up behind me today just to make sure I was doing OK. I was sitting in the shade by the side of the road drinking water like it was going out of style. I am staying in River falls, Wisconsin tonight with the super cool young family. This is the scene of the class one trout river right by their house.They treated me to a tasty meal of tacos. Afterwards we went out on the town of little bit and they told me tales of weird and wonderful Wisconsin. Did you know that in Wisconsin you can legally bring your child to the bar and even offer them a beer? That is one way to deal with a fussy child!

They also told me all about the famous RAGBRAI ride, which is a yearly ride across the state of Iowa, where both of my hosts are originally from. It sounds very enticing and I have never been to Iowa.

As we were sitting on the patio of this bar and eagle flew over and someone yelled out “America”. I am not sure if it’s more appropriate to say “Happy Fourth of July” or “Get well soon, America”

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