Day 14, Another capitol day

While yesterday was mostly agony, today was mostly delight. It helped that the distance was below my average And the head wind was much less today. It was a slow roll through the bucolic hinterland of central Michigan Under sunny skies.

Is this what they mean when they say “Big Blue”? I will have to ask my brother who got his PhD at Michigan.I waited minutes for this train to go by.

I stopped at a little town called Durand where they were having a farmers market and sampled some local products. They were very impressed do you have a bike come from Boston.

I figured I was in the midwest so I better have a brat at some point. Very friendly people all around.I found another use for my bicycle … baguette holder

Hey little buddy. What are you up to? I knew I like Lansing right away because they have great bike infrastructure. I entered by East Lansing and went through MSU. That is quite the school. There are over 40,000 undergraduates.

I got suckered in to buying some delicious lemonade from cute little kids.

As I approach my destination I texted my host and she suggested that I could get a tour of the Michigan State house if I liked. We met at the Statehouse and it turns out she is a political reporter on the state house beat. She was a wonderful host and new lots about all things Lansing and Michigan politics related

Later she took me out to show me around the city and grab a local ice cream from the MSU dairy bar. This reminded me of my school, UVM, that also had a dairy bar and a course in the ag school related to making ice cream. It was packed to the gills and took us probably 20 minutes in line to order. A lot of the ice cream flavors were related to the university including his famous coaches.

I hear Grand Rapids is a very nice city and look forward to a 70 mile ride tomorrow to get there after so long on the bike I am having more Time to really experience things in the moment as my discourse of mind runs out of things to discourse on. I try to make sure that every day I spend a fair amount of time just enjoying doing exactly what I’m doing instead of trying to think of other things.

By the end of the tour I will have gone through or by the capital of New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota.

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