Day Two, better edited

First, I wanted to end all speculation and say that yesterday I was not drunk when I wrote the blog. All I had was a little Moroccan tea. I simply trusted my secretary, Siri, far too much with the dictation and was too tired to do any editing. Maybe I should give her a raise. The upside is it was kind a like a mad lib or an absurdist author and you got to add your own interpretations to what had happened. Today I promise to take a little more care… unless I don’t.

After more good conversation with Mark and a full breakfast, I said goodbye and rode off into some patches of blue sky, finally. I knew that today should be one of the most difficult of the trip because I do a long day (73 miles) with lots of climbing (5,000ft of vertical.) There are other days that are fairly long as well but it gets a heck of a lot flatter from here on out.

The morning ride went through a lovely section of the state. Western Massachusetts has a truly quaint quality with a variety of landscapes. At one point I rode through the Windsor State Park and was not passed by a single car in that hour as I followed a babbling brook through giant trees.

Riding by quickly I thought that the sign had said the Bobbitt Ax factory, as in the infamous Lorena Bobbitt (people under 40 can google the reference.) Around the same area I almost got run over by a deer who was bounding across the street just a few feet in front of me.

I stopped off in Adams Ma, which seems to have a big bicycle theme going on. I’ll have to look into why that is. It is also the birthplace of Susan B Anthony, which I have a suspicion may in fact be the connection as I remember her viewing bicycle us as important to women’s emancipation. There is a very nice rail trail which I am not actually taking, that runs through the town and I got to eat lunch in Trailside patio and restaurant. This is an especially good thing because the one thing I forgot at home was the key to the lock on my bike! I’m having that sent a couple days in front of me so I won’t be able to get the lock off my bike.

After Adams the weather turned on me and I got intermittent rain and serious gusts of headwinds some of them must’ve been in the range of 30 miles an hour as I was going downhill yet barely moving. Today will be the only day I will get to say that I passed through three different states, Including my boy hood home of Vermont. Feels nice to be back in the green mountain state… If only for an hour and a half.

In this last bed I was definitely feeling ready to get to my destinations. Though beautiful, the roads were crowded on a Friday afternoon and rain and wind was in my face. My derrière was starting to complain, too. I wondered my way to my first Warmshowers host. It is a gorgeous location on a hillside overlooking a farm. My hosts Jim and Bob were fabulous from the very first moment. We had a great home-cooked meal and conversed for several hours, finding many points of interest and agreement. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. And yes, the shower was nice and warm. Tomorrow my Warmshowers host is having her bridal shower and I am invited to the party! People have been so generous and helpful thus far. Stop reading all that bad news, put down your phone and get out there and connect with people. It will make you happy.

1 thought on “Day Two, better edited

  1. I’m very late the catching up on the blog but was so curious how the ride went and when you were in VT. So glad this all went well!


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